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Nocturnal Tendencies

Nocturnal Tendencies GP43 Filter

Nocturnal Tendencies GP43 Filter

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Do you have a P45 White Phosphor tube inside of your PVS-14 optic enabled device? Miss the feeling of P43 Green Phosphor, or maybe have never experienced it to begin with? Well with the Nocturnal Tendencies GP43 Filter, you can experience the feeling of a P43-like Green Phosphor, while still utilizing all of the benefits and specifications of your P45 White Phosphor device. The best part? This filter reduces light transmission loss as well, allowing you to continue to use your device in varying levels of low ambient light.

These filters thread directly into the body of Mil-Spec PVS-14 ocular lenses (Optronics/AGM Lenses are not compatible with Nocturnal Tendencies GP43 filters). The installation is easy, and does not damage the device. This filter also adds the benefit of a sacrificial lens to the ocular side of your device, protecting it from scratches and smudging.
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