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InfiRay JerryF Thermal Fusion Monocular

InfiRay JerryF Thermal Fusion Monocular

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The InfiRay JerryF Fusion Night Vision Tactical Monocular combines an I² tube and a 12μm high-sensitivity thermal detector with 640x512 thermal imaging core. The JerryF bi-spectrum monocular is a device that can observe and search targets at night, in darkness, under extreme environments such as smoke, fog, rain, snow, etc. It can be widely applied to scenarios including patrol, search and rescue, drug interdiction, and suspect apprehension. Due to its waterproof capability the device performs well even in severe weather conditions and challenging environments.

This Nocturnal Tendencies JerryF is equipped with a 2426 FOM L3 18UA Filmless White Phosphor image intensifier tube with the following specifications. Please inquire for more specifics when reaching out.

RES: 72
SNR: 33.7
HALO: 0.8
EBI: 1.0

The JerryF can be used as hand-held device or mounted on a helmet. The user-friendly interface, comfortable and ergonomic operating controls makes adoption and application of the device incredibly simple. The device offers different variants of image view: thermal, I² night vision, and enhanced fusion image that can be easily adapted depending on different environmental conditions. The JerryF is also equipped with manual gain control, which adjusts the image brightness, providing the highest possible image quality even in changing light conditions. The monocular uses two 18650 rechargeable Lithium battery in the external holder for up to 8-hours of operating time in fusion image mode. In I² night vision mode device can run more then 60 hours.
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