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FalconClaw Dovetail J-Arm

FalconClaw Dovetail J-Arm

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Falconclaw J-Arm 2.0

Introducing the Falconclaw PVS-14/THE14 J Arm with dovetail interface. The friction set mount allows for fast, easy, travel from left to right eye, and back again.


  • Weight: 30g
  • Material Construction Type: Light weight durable anodized metal
  • Accommodates  THE14 / PVS-14, and works with many other monoculars with J arm port matching the PVS-14 (Tripod screw mount)
  • Friction setting allows easy travel (Left or Right Eye) without having to adjust a knob
  • Made in Estonia

"We designed this J-arm with the goal of bringing the device as close to the users eye as possible, especially regarding ballistic helmets." - FalconClaw

The design positioning of the dovetail interface brings the distance from eye to the absolute minimum achieving  100% utilization of the devices field of view.

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